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On Thursday March 26 We will have another Squad Night!! There is a new patch out You must download it to get on!! Also if your Voice Does not work do not tune to ch 933 as you will get Dumped!! Tune to ch 2 instead and tell us you are here from there!! We will meet in the pacific theater if your are not familiar with these planes don't worry!! You can learn!! We did!! Anyways this squad night will be setup in a briefing room,by 1 of the officers most likely KAISB!! When in there the lights will do out do raise your hand hit the guy standing on the right of the map MAKE SURE TO LOWER YOUR HAND AFTER NY CLICKING ON THE SAME GUY!! It'll start at 7:00 pm Mountain time!! We Ask that you Judge acordingly if possible!! SEE YOU IN THE SKYS!!

P.S If you can't get into that arena KEEP TRYING!!

    Brief description