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333rd Air Cavalry Training

This will be the 333rd Air Cavalry's training page. It will contain a variety of different sources and examples of aerial combat. Be sure to check back often as this page is under construction.

The training center is divided into various sections. It is recommended that you follow the course in order.

Training Courses 100 - Beginner Training
Course NumberDescriptionAuthor/Date
Training 101 Pre-Flight Checklist - Contains some things you should look over before entering the arenas. DEADSTICK 02/25/98
Training 102 Aircraft Instruments - This is an overview of the inflight environment. DEADSTICK 02/25/98
Training 103 Basic ACM - Describes some basic Air Combat Maneuvers.
Includes Instructional Film
DEADSTICK 02/25/98
Training 104 Takeoff and Landing - Provides some helpful hints on the hardest out-of-combat source of death.
Includes Instructional Film
DEADSTICK 02/25/98
Training 105 Radio Procedures - What'd he say? How do you do that? Find out here!! DEADSTICK 02/25/98

Training Courses 200 - Advanced Air Combat
Course NumberDescriptionAuthor/Date
Training 201 Situational Awareness - The key to coming out of a fight alive. DEADSTICK 02/25/98
Coming Soon

Training Links and Downloads

Our training page isn't finished yet but here are some links to other pages with info.
CMC Academy

More to come...