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Training Course 101 - Pre-Flight Checklist

This course will cover all the things and bits of information you should do before taking off at an airfield. This will prove important as it could mean the difference between a successful mission and a complete failure.

1)Find your Friends:When you first arrive online check to see if any of your friends or squad members are up. Flying in groups can lead to a more productive flight time. Other pilots can dive in to help you when your being chased or they can float high to intercept any incoming enmies that may want to save a fellow countrymen that you are tailing.

2)Selection of an Airfield:Check the map and note the airfields health, population (aircraft flying around it, enemy or friendly) and location.

      This should be checked so you do not take off from damaged field and risk the chance of leaking oil or fuel on your takeoff roll.
      This should be checked so you don't takeoff at a field with enemy aircraft flying around waiting to vultch you.
      This involves a bit of Situational Awareness, which will be covered later. It basically involves a variety of components that could be the difference between a successful mission and a quick death.

3)Aircraft Selection:The type of aircraft you select will depend on the mission you are going to fly. Pick the appropriate aircraft for your style. Aircraft are covered later in your training.

The Takeoff Roll

When you hit fly and lauch to the runway, immediately hit F10 to bring the map up on the screen. Check the map for any nearby nme. If you see that you are about to get vultched, quickly pull the plane off the runway but be sure you are not going too fast or you'll tip the plane and crash. Try and gain some speed before going for alt or you'll stall and fall flat on your face.

Finding your way

Climb to a good altitude (10 - 20k) and head towards the target area you picked during your Pre-flight Checklist. Head in to your target area at a good speed and altitude. Be on the lookout for dots on the horizon and constantly check your map and Chat buffer (use F2 or T to bring it up full screen), as many Air Warriors will call out targets beyond their reach. As soon as you've spotted and identified a target, prepare for Combat.