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Welcome to the Report-A-Fragger portion of our site. This is where you can report fraggers and other Air Warrior scum. Simply by filling out the form below you will have entered the fraggers name into our most wanted list. We will hunt these people down ruthlessly. Happy Hunting!!

All reported pilots will be posted in the main page of the Ready Room. For details on how squad members can receive awards for successful bounty hunting, see the Squad conditions area of the War Room.

Submission Form 1.10

You are:
Handle: CPID:

The Pilot you want dead is:

Handle: CPID:

To submit this form you must give a reason on why this person must be hunted down. Using the drag box provided, pick the reason that applies:
This pilot should be hunted down because:

If you selected Other, please specify:

Where can this pilot be found??: Arena:

    Relaxed Realism Europe 1
    Relaxed Realism Europe 2
    Relaxed Realism Pacific
    Full Realism Arena

Which Land do they fly for:


Thanks for filling out our form, we will post the names on the main page of the ready room for all to see. We will need one more bit of info; How much is this guy worth??

That's it now send it in!!!