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Squad History

November 1997:

    - The squad was started one dark night on November 9th, 1997. The initial members were K-MAN and DEADSTICK.
    - The Air Cavalry flew from Compuserve for the 20 Free Hours supplied from the offer on the box.

December 1997:

    - December 1st, We officially moved to Gamestorm.
    - GUNSLINGER joins Squadron
    - Kaiser Bill joins Squadron
    - STRIKER joins Squadron
    - Amok joins Squadron

January 1998

    - C-Rid joins Squadron
    - Gabby joins Squadron
    - Billy The Kid joins Squadron
    - Korn Holio joins Squadron
    - Plier joins Squadron
    - Quintus H. Flaccus joins Squadron
    - AcID joins Squadron
    - Jan 17 1998, First "official" squad night,plagued by dumps
      - jspot,Jester and Barracuda join on same day

Febuary 1998

    -Some members leave the squadron
      -GUNSLINGER joins with his re-formed squad
      -Jester jumps from squad to squad
      -BARRACUDA left without contacting anyone
      -Quintus H. Flaccus left for another Squad
      -ACiD disapeared without a trace
    -New members join increasing squad numbers to 18

March 1998

    -After a lengthy leave of absence, Jester re-joins
    -Squad "officially" moves to Air Warrior 3
    -More pilots are recruited, bringing the number to 26

April 1998

    -The squadron is now a verified threat in the RRPac1 arena where it now resides

More to come..

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