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The Ready Room

This is where you will find all the information on various news, events and announcements having something to do with the squadron or Air Warrior in general. Bare in mind that the ENTIRE site is under construction and should be up and running after the Christmas Holidays.

If you have any questions or ideas for our site, contact the CO at

    Current Bounties

    Bounty CPIDReasonRequested byReward
    ScragVultched DSTCK when he was landing a 3 kill missionDSTCK10 Service Points
    XSwanCrashed on sight of troubleK-MAN5 Service Points
    RJhhlAfter ejecting from a heavily damaged B17,this was a drone run,this pilot shot me after I had pulled my ripcord. This is dishonorable and must be punished.KaisB5 Service Points
    >MLR< I was a glider with 5 kills gliding from shaky to gray was just rolling into gray because i landed with no more alt i would of made it if the damn guy wouldn't have strafed me he was 8000 away and still went for me instead of other fiters!!It Makes ME MAD GRRRRRGHHH!! I want his head on a stick!!!!K-Man15 Service Points
    TkovrThis coward shot me down AFTER I had pulled the ripcord.TKid20 Service Points

    To submit a bounty of your own go to our patented Report-A-Fragger system! Click HERE